SurfStat™ Concentrate is a chloride free* anti-static surfactant coating developed specifically for semiconductor applications.   The concentrate is usually diluted with water to about 1% for application.   Because SurfStat™ wets better than other commercial anti-static surfactant products, coverage is more uniform and surfaces dry faster.   When applied, SurfStat™ imparts electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for sensitive electrical/electronic devices.

When applied to surfaces using aqueous solutions of 0.5% or greater, SurfStat™ consistently gives surface resistivity readings of 108 to 1010 ohms/square.   Unlike other anti-static coatings that quickly fail at elevated temperatures, SurfStat™ retains its ability to dissipate static charge at temperatures beyond 50°C.

*less than one (1) part per million chloride ion in a 1% aqueous solution.
SurfStatTM Anti-Static Concentrate